Fun-sized homemade snickers that are healthy, vegan, and can be made in less than 10 minutes? Count me in!

I think we all love a nice candy bar but hate that they are processed and full of sugar.

These are a perfect alternative to your favorite candy bar, without the guilt. 

My favorite part about this recipe is that you only need 4 ingredients that are clean and actually good for you. 

homemade snickers

You can have these as a snack or dessert, which I love because I am someone who loves to have something sweet at night. 

My family loves when I make these homemade snickers and they last about a day in my house. 

homemade snickers



homemade snickers
homemade snickers

A Few Tips for Making Homemade Snickers

homemade snickers
snickers 6

If you have cravings for chocolate and sweet stuff give this recipe a try.

I mean it only takes 10 minutes so why not? Leave me a comment on how you like it and what kind of nuts you used. 

homemade snickers

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