What Are Some Good Habits to Have

What Are Some Good Habits to Have? 5 Healthy Habits

People always ask me what are some good habits to have to be healthy. There are so many small things you can do every day to live a healthier lifestyle. These habits typically do not take too much time out of your day but can change your life over time. It is important to focus on making just a few changes at a time so you do not get overwhelmed. Here are 5 healthy habits that will change your life.

Drink More Water

Drinking water has many benefits for your mind and body but most of us do not drink enough during the day. Whenever you are slightly dehydrated it can lead to a decrease in energy levels and overall mood. If you are hungry and not sure why to try drinking a glass of water because you are most likely just dehydrated. I like to buy a new water bottle every month or two to help keep me motivated when it comes to drinking water. The water bottles with the times help to track how much water you are consuming and keep you accountable. Once you start drinking more water you will not want to stop because your body feels so much better.

What Are Some Good Habits to Have

Wake Up Early

Whenever I wake up early I am more productive during the day. It is motivating when you are awake and have accomplished tasks before others have even gotten out of bed. I tend to snooze a few times before actually getting out of bed but have realized that this just makes me more tired. When my alarm goes off and I just get out of bed, I am less tired than I thought. Like anything in life you just have to take that first step. Waking up early gives you more time in the day to get more things which in the long run helps you to reach your goals. 

Eat Less Sugar

We all know processed sugar is not good for us at all but for some reason, we continue to eat so much of it. I am not talking about sugar that’s found in fruits because that is natural sugar. Processed sugar is in things like candy, cookies, muffins, and ice cream. Cutting sugar out of your diet completely is not very realistic but slowly reducing the amount you have each day is. Whenever I am consuming too much-processed sugar I am more tired and can not think properly. If you like to have cereal for breakfast try having eggs, whole-grain toast, and some fruit instead. These foods will keep you fuller for longer, plus you won’t have that sugar crash later on. 

What Are Some Good Habits to Have

More Greens

Just like water, most of us do not get enough greens in our diet. People always talk about wanting to eat healthier but never think about how. One simple way is to add a serving of greens to every meal. If you are eating salmon and rice, add a handful of spinach or kale. I like to add a green powder to my protein smoothie every day because you can not even taste it. We always focus on what we can take out of our diet but not what we can add to be healthier overall. There are so many benefits when it comes to eating enough greens and vegetables every day. Greens are packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber but are also low in calories.

Spend Less Time on Phone

We live in a world where you can use your phone to be entertained, work, and socialize with other people. Most of us spend hours on our phones without even realizing it. However, being on your phone too much throughout the day can have many different negative effects on your mental health. When we are constantly scrolling through social media we often compare our lives to a profile that is made to look a certain way. Not to mention the time spent on social media could be used in a more productive way like focusing on a hobby, exercising, or learning.

What Are Some Good Habits to Have

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