Trader Joe’s Haul #2

If you guys keep up with my blog and youtube, you know I LOVE Trader Joe’s! It is one of my favorite stores because they are very inexpensive and have a lot of clean/healthy options to choose from. I could stay in Trader Joe’s for hours just looking at new things!

This time I was trying out a few new things and needed some things for a few recipes, including my turkey chili click here that you need to try.

What are some of your favorite things? Comment and let me know so I can them out!

Fresh Produce:

Chopped romaine, greens onions, kale, spinach, green/red peppers, and cucumber.

Ground turkey has been my favorite lately and I substitute it for ground beef. I have a full review and recipe on the cauliflower crust pizza. (click here).

I am sure you have all been hearing a lot about sparkling mineral water which I have been loving as well. Costco sells a whole pack that is cheaper that I love as well.

All of the tomato products and beans are going to be used for my chili. I LOVE their peanut butter because the only ingredients are unsalted peanuts.

OMG, this pico is so hot but so so good!! If you love spicy things than you need to try this! I use it for salads and tacos with the corn tortillas. Hummus is definitely a staple for me, it is good for wraps, snacks, and much more. However, I was not a huge fan of roasted garlic.

I am someone who loves to have dessert at the end of the night, so for a healthier option, I will have a block of organic chocolate. Like I said before, Trader Joe’s has very clean products, which is why I get my chocolate there. I know Whole Foods has a lot of options as well. A few pieces are not going to hurt you, just make sure there are not a lot of ingredients and you can pronounce everything listed.


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