Detoxing Your Body With Food

Before I got into health I always thought to detox was when you had to drink something to clean out your body. I recently found out that you can just detox your body with foods. What exactly is a detox? The purpose of a detox is to eliminate toxins from the body by turning them into waste, the waste is then eliminated. The goals are to enhance the bodies detoxification pathways, mostly the liver! This is because the liver is the bodies main detoxification organ. The liver is in charge of cleaning toxins and wastes from your blood and separating out the useful nutrients to synthesize hundreds of biochemicals that your body needs for daily functioning.

Detoxing involves a change in your diet and lifestyle, you can even take herbal supplements! Also, you can go into saunas for therapeutic sweating. When you are detoxing you want to try and eliminate meat and processed foods. I personally try to juice every day to flush everything out and give my body the nutrients it needs. Here is my post about making fresh juice–>

Here are some examples of detoxing foods:

Green tea- Helps rid body of free radicals

Ginger- Chronic indigestion, nausea, helps to fight infections & colds

Lemons- Detoxes digestive tract

Kale- Detoxes and flushes out the kidneys

Grapefruit- Detoxes liver and helps prevent kidney stones

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