Almond Milk vs. Regular Milk

Almond milk and regular milk are both packed with a variety of minerals and nutrients.  However, they both have pros and cons that leaves people confused on which one to choose. I personally am not a huge fan of milk, but I still will drink it to get the health benefits. I use almond milk for smoothies, eggs, and sometimes I will put a little into my coffee. The question is which one is the healthier alternative. Which one has more benefits for your body? Keep reading to find out the difference between these two.

Almond Milk


Almond milk is made from ground almonds and water, and is a plant based alternative for whole milk. It is dairy, soy, and lactose free, which is great for people who are lactose and tolerant. However almond milk does not have as much nutrients as eating almonds which is a downside. Almond milk also does not provide as much protein or calcium as whole milk. Another positive thing about almond milk is that there is no cholesterol or saturated fat which keeps the heart healthy. It contains one gram of fiber to keep the digestive system in check and well. B vitamins are found in almond milk such as iron and riboflavin, which helps muscle growth and healing. Almond milk can also help high blood pressure because it is high in healthy fats like omega fatty acids.

Whole milk has double the amount of phosphorus and potassium than almond milk. Whole milk also contains about 12 grams of carbohydrates, unsweetened almond milk contains less than 1 gram. Make sure to keep in mind this is only unsweetened almond milk, sweetened can have around 16 grams. Another downside of almond milk is that it only has 1 gram of protein when whole milk has 8 grams. Both are rich in calcium, vitamin A, vitamin D, and B vitamins. Whole milk is a good source of phosphorus but almond milk is rich in vitamin E. Cow milk may be high in protein but almond milk is naturally lactose free.

So which one is better for your health? The choice is completely up to you, of course almond milk does have fewer fats but it also lacks protein. If you are looking for a plant based milk that is lactose, soy, and dairy free almond milk is for you. If you are looking for more protein and potassium than whole milk is for you.





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